Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Join BizSpark NOW

Long before I worked at Microsoft, my company joined an awesome program called BizSpark. This gave us free software (Windows, Visual Studio, and more) to develop our products with. I was amazed at this program as it cost us _nothing_. I cannot think of a better valued program we have at Microsoft for young businesses.

Do you have an idea so brilliant, it keeps you up at night? Developers & startups, BizSpark can help. The Microsoft® BizSpark® program is free and helps your software development ideas come to life. You will have access to software development tools, be provided connections with key industry players, and gain marketing visibility. The program also includes access to Windows Azure, a powerful cloud platform for the creation of web applications and services. As a BizSpark member, you can also get a one-time, 12-month developer account to the Windows Phone Dev Center, and more. Join BizSpark today – http://aka.ms/4bizspark


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