Monday, January 19, 2009

Network provider issues and Sql Server Reporting Services

I installed reporting services on my new laptop.
I tried running it, and it hung for a long time and came back with an error:

Logon failed. (rsLogonFailed)Could not load file or assembly 'BCMLogon, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null' or one of its dependencies. Failed to grant minimum permission requests. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80131417)Required permissions cannot be acquired.

hmm. why is a library made by broadcom being an issue just connecting to sql reporting services on a local machine. I changed some settings in IIS for authentication to allow everything same as the actual report server which I could get in to configure items, just not run a report.

Finally the light went off - this library is:
"BcmLogon: Provides credential information (user name, password, domain) used by wireless management software for login to wireless networks. Optionally enables wireless login at startup for SSO environments.Dell Wireless WLAN Card Logon Provider"

As such inthe system its a network provider. A quick search of the registry for BCMLogon shows:


Hey.. its last in the chain here (and you can verify by going into your network connections, advanced menu, and then advanced settings, and then provider order.
Dell Wireless WLAN Card Logon Provider is indeed the last one.

now in my case, I dont need it.. so the fix is simple. I renamed the dll in c:\windows\system32. I can still acess my wireless network just fine.

I did try configuring this assembly, permissions were ok on the file itself, and it should be full trust, so not sure where is was breaking down, but the fix worked for me.. for now and its late anyways : )


  1. I couldn't figure this issue out until I saw your post...and I have a Dell laptop. Sure enough, fixed!

  2. Im excited. After trying all morning to get this to work it finally does. For me it did not work until i restarted my computer though...

  3. Thanks a lot..i renamed the dll and the issue got fixed for me

  4. Thanks a lot..
    really works for my DELL sysbtem

  5. Where i can find this options "network connections, advanced menu" ?

  6. Thanks dude. 2016, bo solution still works, just remove file from system32

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