Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Unity Pro for Students - Serious discounts

I've been doing a ton of Unity work lately, working on my latest stints with 'DinoBurger' or 'Zombie Worlds'.

I wish I were still a student - there's some awesome deals out there for them.

Are you a student? Interested in developing games and/or 3D content? There's a couple great deals for you.

Unity Pro - One of the most powerful and easy to use game engines that allows you to drag/drop and write code for objects. Students get SERIOUSLY reduced pricing through studica.com but be sure to check out the flyer here. Note that this deal ends 09/30/2013

AutoDesk products - You can get Maya, 3DS Max, SoftImage, and more _free_ while you are a student. Check out the student center here


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