Friday, March 11, 2011

R.I.P. To our friend, The Free Version of Reflector

Reflector is one of the best tools every invented and unfortunately is no longer free. If this was a brand new product, I would have no issue paying the mere $35 for it - however this tool has _always_ been free. Red Gate bought this tool a couple years ago and as of this month it is no longer free. OK - so run the older version. Well - it deletes itself.

So this shows a bit of premeditation built into their software that they would one day delete this from people's systems. I have a problem with this. A free tool is a FREE tool. Not 'free until we decide to make you pay and delete the free version you had'. I don't feel this is correct in any way.

With that said if the Pro version of this tool was $35 with built in debugging for compiled assemblies, I would think that would be a great deal. Alas, we are paying $35 to regain what we already had in this tool.

This practice has made quite a few people angry. I love Red Gate's products, but I really believe they went about this the wrong way by deleting free software installed on our machines.

I now will be recommending ILSpy. An open source program that started development when Red Gate announced they would be charging for Reflector.

Is it as good as reflector? No. Is it free? Yes!

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